Building a highly-scalable and flexible Cloud infrastructure

VENUS-C is a project funded under the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme drawing its strength from a joint co-operation between computing service providers and scientific user communities to develop, test and deploy a large, Cloud computing infrastructure for science and SMEs in Europe.


Geoffrey Fox "The great success of Generalized Worker Role in VENUS-C has emphasized to me that building a library of customizable Roles or Appliances is a powerful cloud programming model".
Yannis Ioannidis "It was particularly revealing to see so many different applications being in need of cloud services, yet with rather diverse characteristics and diverse requirements".
Kimmo Koski "I have improved my knowledge about commercial and academic cloud activities and interoperability topics, and increased my understanding of industrial cloud applications".
Paul Messina "VENUS-C has succeeded in developing, deploying and using a cloud environment that is both usable and useful in only two years".
Dora Varvarigou "I found the work that has been presented very interesting on the applications side, especially the ones that deal with architecture and design".
Thierry Priol "Impressive second year results, positioning cloud as an effective paradigm not only for the research community, but also to small companies for which HPC systems are not economically affordable".

VENUS-C Value Proposition

"VENUS-C has a compelling range of applications that has grown over time with the on-boarding of 15 new pilots, helping to capture the benefits of Cloud across diverse scientific settings and small businesses." Andrea Manieri, Engineering & VENUS-C Co-ordinator

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Supporting the long tail of science

VENUS-C provides new cloud solutions for individual and small research groups across diverse disciplines, with the aim of accelerating discovery. End-users are typical of the vast majority of researchers that have never had access to supercomputing networks and have relied on desktop resources.

Boosting the competitiveness of small businesses

VENUS-C supports small European businesses to drive innovation through cloud-powered solutions. These businesses include a start-up, Green Prefab, as a direct spin-out. These businesses deliver services for engineering and drug discovery on demand and drive the economy.

Creating new public services

VENUS-C demonstrates the value-add of cloud computing for the public sector and citizens at large. Services span emergencies and civil protection, healthcare and monitoring fish species, which is vital to ensure the sustainability of living marine resources.

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